If Tik-Tok Is Banned Then What About WeChat?

As covered by Jack Mac, Donald Trump has announced that he is to ban Tik-Tok in America.  Although it’s still currently available to download then surely the same ban to apply to WeChat.

With an astonishing 1.2 billion active users, WeChat is also a Chinese owned company and has been accused of sending peoples personal information back to China.  But many users have raised concerns that if the app is banned many users will lose contact with friends, family and business partners in China.


A number of businesses also use the WeChat Pay function to sell to customers.  However, the app has been accused of using restrictive practices.  Including preventing users from anywhere in the world from discussing Tiananmen Square.  Imposing on many peoples freedom of speech throughout democratic countries.

Journalists who attempted to discuss the topic found that their accounts were automatically frozen and were forced to register their WeChat account using facial recognition.  Considering China is rolling out facial recognition throughout China it would make it easier for the Chinese state police to arrest these journalists if they did later enter China!