The FA Cup Final We All Need

There’s nothing better than a rough and tumble FA Cup final to square off the English football season.  Especially one heavily disrupted by a deadly pandemic and whilst other leagues including France and Holland I think a huge amount of credit goes not just to the players but all the staff and employees who revived the 2019/20 season and brought to a climax.

Hopefully, the FA Cup final will be a match the befitting to such a season with two teams determined to win and prepared to take risks.  With Chelsea in form and Arsenal their usual lacklustre its only fitting for Chelsea to be strong favourites going into the match.


With players understandably looking to let off some steam from the frustration of such a difficult season and Arsenal adamant to prove they are still a top team it could see the match turn into a heated affair with Arsenal nipping at the heels of Chelsea.  Leading to a scrappy match which will suit Chelsea.

I think it makes it safe to back Chelsea but with Arsenal so amped up to prove their doubters wrong and players keen to keep their roles in the team I expect a few goals.

Naturally it wont have the same atmosphere of a full stadium but no one can help that right now.  Enjoy the match.

Chelsea 3 – Arsenal 1