The Case of Piracy, the Saudi Prince, Murder, Newcastle United and the Queen of England…Rundown

So here’s a rundown of probably the most bizarre attempt to purchase a sports club ever…Newcastle ‘Magpies’ United have been owned by a businessman Mike Ashley since 2007.  The Magpies fans hate Ashley because they believe he only bought the club to promote his sports business, Sports Direct and has no ambitions to grow the club or for them to be successful.  But in early 2020 the Saudi Arabian public investment fund which has gazillions of dollars submitted a £300 million bid for Newcastle United.  With the Saudi’s wealth, they could have taken Newcastle to a whole new level of sports riches.  A diamond-encrusted stadium.


But piracy ruined it all.  You see, Saudi Arabia is in a cold war with their neighbours, Qatar who are due to host the 2022 World Cup.  Qatar also own the regional sports TV powerhouse beIN Sport which has paid billions of dollars to secure the broadcasting rights to various sports, including the English Premier League.  So in an effort to undermine Qatar’s sports media empire, Saudi Arabia launched a pirate sports TV channel which uses the feed from beIN sports, called beoutq.

The impact of the Saudi Arabia’s piracy has been so damaging, beIN Sports was forced to cancel its deal for the rights to Formula One and claimed that they would have to bid less for various football league media rights.  Potentially costing the English Premier League a reported £400 million.

So when the £300 million bid for Newcastle United was due to be ratified by the English Football Association the FA just sat on their hands until the Saudi’s got the picture and withdrew their bid.  In all seriousness, how could the FA ratify the deal when the Saudi’s ran a pirate TV channel of English football.  It’s pure lunacy.

But the Newcastle United fans got carried away, they thought if they believed strongly enough the deal would go through.  So strongly they even mocked the words of beIN Sports presenter Richard Key’s who had previously stated:


But the runny eggs are on the Newcastle United fans because the deal they thought was going to allow them to hoover up the worlds best players and bring a succession of trophies was never going to materialise.

Now, you might be wondering why the English FA didn’t just reject the bid instead of waiting for the Saudi’s to withdraw their bid.  The reason is the Saudi Arabian public investment fund is led by Mohammad Bin Salman Al Saud who is heavily linked with the murder of Jamal Khashoggi and if the FA rejected the bid it would have embarrassed the Queen of England.


Along with the future King of England…