Did Man City Just Get Shit On Or Not?

So nothing about this story makes sense.  Manchester City are stacked with cash and afford to sign whoever they want.  Yet in the last few days, transfer rumors emerged that Man City planned to sign 21-year-old Cameron Coxe after being released from Cardiff.  Now considering Cardiff are a much weaker team than Man City there are only two reasons why this would happen.  Firstly, Man City saw something in the young player that Cardiff overlooked and thought they would take a chance on him considering he is a free player.  Or alternatively, Man City was ravaged by injuries and they were desperate for players.


But wants strangest of all is that the player has just signed for non-league Solihull Moors.  If the kid signed for a club somewhere between Cardiff and Man City that might give the transfer rumors some credit but to sign for Solihull Moors just goes to show how much bullshit some of these newspapers spew sometimes.


The concept of ‘Fake News’ originates from soccer transfers which have been used for a few decades now to help shift newspapers.  But this story is just flat out ridiculous it stinks of shit.

One Man City earns more money than the entire budget of Solihull Moors FC.  Just absolute bullshit of a transfer rumor.  So how Solihull Moors can gloat about this transfer is also ridiculous.  I hope the player well but this is just nonsense of a transfer rumor.  Surely Cardiff would have kept him somehow instead of him sinking like the Titanic to non-league football.