OBJ Just Handed The NFL The Rock Bottom

So as Barstool Sports report Odell Becjham Jr. believes that the NFL shouldn’t return this year and today the Rock announced he has bought the XFL for $15 million.

The XFL was always a dead-duck under Vince McMahon because he didn’t have the vehicle to promote it to hardcore football fans.  The Rock on the other hand not only has 14.7 million Twitter and 192 million Instagram followers to help sell the league to prospective fans.  He also been helped by OBJ’s comments which will reververate throughout NFL regardless of whether the new season takes place or not.


Launched by WWE billionaire Vince McMahon, the professional football league filed for bankruptcy in April as the Covid-19 pandemic hit its finances.  Leaving the players and coaches out of work.  But regardless of the pandemic, no one is missing it.  To put it into context the NFL Twitter account has 25.3 million followers, the XFL Twitter account has 372,000.  The Rock clearly needs to work hard to pump some blood into the organisation.

Surely the pandemic will be over by next April?  Allowing The Rock to promote the prospect of full stadiums and enjoyment, regardless of the leagues quality.  But Beckham, along with other NFL players, questioning whether the NFL seasons should go ahead allows The Rock to convince people that the XFL can replace the ‘feels’ missed by fans suffering from a disrupted NFL season.