The Athletic And Bloomberg Use Black Man To Be Racist Towards White People

So the title of this article is pretty simple.  That’s because it’s easy to understand what is happening here.

The Athletic, which has suddenly gone woke in response to the death of a black man has partnered with Bloomberg to use a  black reporter to talk absolute shit and attack white people.  But you know what, I actually feel sorry for this man.  His mind is so bitter and twisted towards white people he must actually hate life instead of seeing what is really taking place.


The basis of his dumb as fucking rocks argument is that black professional athletes have been donating money to charities and there extended families for many years.  Firstly, how does he know that white professional athletes also don’t support their family and charities?  But this is where his views get really sick and twisted, you only to have a look around and see what many white-owned sports clubs do for their communities:

  • Manchester United have pumped millions of pounds into local initiatives to help schools and people from all backgrounds including disadvantaged people.
  • Many of the top professional soccer clubs in England have dedicated teams for disabled athletes and also financially support womens teams which are not profitable
  • Former Manchester United players Ryan Giggs and Gary Neville donated the use of their hotel to nurses during the coronavirus outbreak
  • Chelsea did likewise and also provided over 80,000 meals to the local community
  • Black soccer player Marcus Rashford donated £200,000 to a food charity.  The charity went on to raise £25 million from white-owned food supermarkets.
  • In 2002, Niall Quinn began a completely new trend of footballers donating the money from their testimonial match to charity.  His testimonial match alone raised £1 million.
  • In 2006 WHITE pop star Robbie Williams launched Soccer Aid, a charity which has raised over £36 million for charities across the developing world.

This small sample of how white people have used sport to improve society only comes from soccer.  Across sports, at all levels there will an endless list of how white people have used sport to improve society.  Only a dumbass fucking racist dipshit would suggest that white people within the sports industry, or any element of society, is not doing enough to improve society and only the misguided fuckturds at The Athletic who are desperate to remain relevant would spread rhetoric which can easily be disproved.

This form of racist attack targetted at anyone is only serving to make things worse in society.  You can find the dipshit in his video on The Athletics Facebook page.

The Athletic and this racist dipshit can fuck off.