Why Is Dave Portnoy A Watermelon FREAK?

So yesterday we listed 10 presents to buy Dave Portnoy and they clearly spell out Dave’s watermelon problem.  After all, he is a self-confessed watermelon ‘freak’.


Well now we know why, it turns out there is a National Watermelon Association have an NWA Queen.

This is Paige Huntington, the 2020 National Watermelon Queen.  He role is to “attend promotional events throughout the year as our ambassador, encouraging the consumption and sales of watermelon.”


Is this the best looking watermelon or what?


Look at this beauty…
kingDave became a King for one day but by joining the National Watermelon Association as honorary King he can have a new queen each year.  This is why Dave Portnoy is a watermelon freak!