Top 10 Biggest Cuck’s Of 2020 (So Far)

10. Mohammad Bin Salman Al Saud

For murdering a journalist and still thinking he can buy Newcastle United


9. Jeff Bezos

For stopping the sale of Washington Redskins merchandise for social justice reasons on Amazon despite his business paying women less than men



8. Colin Kaepernick

For continuing to portray himself as black civil rights activist whilst making businesses run by white people lots of money.

Colin Kaepernick

7. Dave Portnoy

For going to The White House and not getting Kayleigh McEnany’s phone number


6. Mark Zuckerberg

For using an electric surfboard (and the face)


5. Dr. Fauci

For his woeful pitching skills but still getting a baseball card made after him

4. Jimmy Kimmel

For doing a Jimmy Kimmel


3. Chris Paul

For radicalising the NBA Players Association to hate white people.


2. Mayor of Portland, Tim Wheeler

For turning up to watch Antifa try to burn down a building with people inside and calling them “protestors”


1. Le Bron James

For dressing like a rich boy scout and carrying his dignity around in a purse