Welcome To The $BarstoolBit (Maybe)

Bitcoin is for little bitches.  Its all about the BARSTOOL BIT.

The $BarstoolBit, or the $BRSLBIT if your really in the game.

No one rows a boat for a hobby.  You need to take your balls in your hands and trade in a real digital currency.  That’s how you get ALL THE COINS.


So frankly you’ll have to ignore the terrible graphic design.  But that’s not important right now and it never will be.

Now if I’ve lost you, let me reel you back in.  If Gibraltar FC, yes a tiny amateur soccer club can have their own digital currency then so can Barstool Sports.

See, this is where it gets really exciting.  Dave has received some terrible advice on digital currency.  Why play around with Bitcoin when you can create your own.  The BARSTOOL BIT, baby.

You go to BarstoolSports.com and you want to buy some merch or you want to place a bet on BarstoolBets.com, but you do it using the Barstool Sports own digital currency!

You even want to buy pizza, Barstool Bit.


James Rodriguez has is own digital currency.  He plays for Real Madrid but he’s no Messi or Ronaldo.

If Dave wants ALL THE COIN he simply launches his own digital currency, sells 3 milli worth, gives me 5% and then buys, buys, buys, sells, sells, sells in his own digital currency!

More and more gambling companies are excepting bitcoin, but why not use your own digital currency on your own betting platform.  That’s how you show the world who’s fucking BOSS!

You want to make a statement, you launch your own digital currency!