Bella Hadid Is Desperate For Attention, Support Our Police

Thank fuck for the New York police department.  If they didn’t exist some skinny wretch like Billy Hadid would be raped, murdered and butchered to pieces in matter of minutes.

Because Bella Hadid is to dumb to realise that the only thing keeping her safe is the New York police she went out on the streets and tried to show how ‘tuff’ she is.

Brooklyn gang member Darrius Sutton was released early from prison in April and has since then committed at least three shootings.


What Bella is to dumb to understand is there are people far more deadly than police offers not wearing masks.


Also, if you are going to mock the police.  Don’t do looking like a spineless coward with added photoshop text once you’ve got home.


To make sure our police services continue to keep us safe maybe we should support them instead of taking photos and drawing childish Microsoft paint on them.