DeAndre Baker Facing 10 Years To Life

22-year-old New York Giants cornerback DeAndre Baker appears to have thrown his career and life away after facing prosecution on four counts of robbery with a firearm.   The 10-year mandatory minimum will end his career and it leads to life in prison it will be a devastating result following an alleged incident during a house party.

Baker is accused of losing a vast sum of money at a gambling event in a private residence.  Later returning with a gun to steal back the money he had lost.


A warrant obtained as public record also cites video evidence, social media messages and additional testimony allegedly showing a payoff of $55,000 for the four victims of the alleged robbery.  Each victim has since given sworn statements about being paid off to recant their original statements.

Along with the armed robbery and attempts to bribe the witness, it could be a harsh penalty of up to life for Baker.

It was also announced 28-year-old Seattle Seahawks cornerback Quinton Dunbar will not be charged after an alleged incident during the house party.