Is Trader Dave The Messiah Or Just A Very Naughty Boy?

DDTG is full steam out of control money-making to the moon run by the greatest business mind since the Tesla.  Or is that what they’d like you to think and actually its one great big scam?

I’m not going to include their Twitter profiles because that would be unfair but there are people constantly requesting proof that Trader Dave is actually buying and selling shares. After all, he could just be acting.  Claiming he owns shares and just trying to convince people he is making a profit.  But then again that would pretty suck if you didn’t actually buy the shares only to watch go up.

Just think of all that beautiful profit going to waste because you didn’t bite the bullet.  But in all seriously the last few months must have been an insane rollercoaster for Dave.  In February the share price was $38.17, in March it crashed to $4.52.  Just imagine how much money must have been wiped off the net worth of Dave Portnoy? But the GREAT RESURGENCE.  Probably, one of the greatest resurgence of all time as the share price now sits at an all time high of $43.86.

Anyone expecting DDTG to provide proof what is taking place is naïve to say the least, would you provide proof?  That’s not to say Dave is not a full charlatan.  Manipulating the markets behind the scenes.  Maybe we will get a glimpse beyond the smoke and mirrors, one day!