Who Will Win The 20/21 Premier League Season?

Man City are favorites to reclaim the 20/21 Premier League title, you back Man City at odds of 2 whilst Liverpool are 2.75 in decimals odds.  Third favorites are Manchester United at 9, but surely Chelsea will outperform Man Utd with their new strike force.  Especially if they secure Havertz.  But in reality, the entire season will come down to whether Aguero is able to maintain his form.

At 32, its unlikely Man City fans can expect him to keep spanking goals home at will and Jesus doesn’t look to be his replacement the Citizens hope for.  Its unlikely their defence can be decimated with injuries once again, if it does the club needs to ask serious questions whether their physio is United fan.

Man City, but I am sheepishly saying they have to avoid injuries.


Eddie Howe will be on the move to another Premier League team, Bournemouth were devastated by injuries and could end up at Newcastle.  But considering Steve Bruce is ensuring Newcastle survive with quite a mediocre squad I can’t see how anyone can do better without Saudi Arabia buying the club.


As for relegation…



West Brom