Are You Punishing Me Barstool Sports?

So I hope your safe and you haven’t been swallowed by Megan Thee Stallion’s rhino ass.  But Cardi Vomit is much worse, why are Barstool Sports promoting someone who has admitted to drugging and mugging people of their money, along with making shit music.

Not only have Barstool Sports posted about about her song, claiming the video is ‘boner fuel‘, but have now produced ‘A Dramatic Reading of Wap‘.  Kim Jong-Un has farted better sounds than this song.  WTF Guys.

In response there’s only one thing I could do, launch a Twitter poll to see what ration of people want Cardi Vomit to be banned from Barstool Sports.  After 447 it currently stands at 54% Yes she should be banned and 46% No she should be banned.  Which actually disappoints me.  Either way, I’m taking it personally, she’s a total wrong ‘un.   Cardi Vomit even Retweeted one tweet praising her for making the best ‘whore song’.  Think that tells you all you need to know.  Have your say, should Cardi Vomit be banned from Barstool Sports…