Sports Reporter Chuck Modi Is A Self-Glorified Charlatan And A Fraud

So where do we start with this one? Firstly, let’s start with Deadspin blogger Chuck Modi’s Twitter bio.  It states that he is a…”Justice Journalist”


Just imagine how vain and vapid someone needs to be to refer to themself as a ‘Justice Journalist’.   Other people may refer to him as justice journalist but to self-appoint yourself as ‘Justice Journalist’ just goes to show how much of a tool Modi is.

Reporting on important social issues like racial equality isn’t an opportunity for a sports reporter going through a quiet patch in his career because sport is being held down by a deadly pandemic.  It’s far more important than that and should be handled with respect.  Not the fakery with which Modi shows it.

Now, I bring this up because whilst ‘Magnificent Modi’ tries to portray himself as a self-righteous authority on all things ‘Justice’, lets take a lot what he is really doing.

There have been plenty of peaceful protests under the Black Lives Matter movement and even more so under the #MeToo movement.  After all, the First Amendment gives people  “the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

Yet, this is where Modi proves himself to be feckless wanker.  The First Amendment doesn’t give people the right to infringe on other peoples rights.  Actions which are considered illegal under a wide variety of different laws.  So when the Magnificent Modi reports from what he views as ‘peaceful protest’ he is actually helping to gather evidence of people committing crimes.

Let’s take a look shall we at just how good a ‘Justice Journalist’ is…

This is a screenshot of a video Modi shared of the police pulling up the outline tape of a mural which was due to be painted on a road.  As the mural was not licensed the mural is considered criminal damage.


This image shows a protestor using a bullhorn or megaphone.  Remember what the First Amendment says “right of the people peaceably to assemble“.  Using a bullhorn is not peaceably, therefore it is considered a public disturbance.


But Magnificent Modi is actually so dumb he knows full well that he is promoting people breaking the law because this is Modi retweeting a self-proclaimed “noise pollution protest”.  Again, action which goes against the First Amendment.


This is Magnificent Modi tweeting video footage of a group of protestors blocking a road. Wilfully impeding traffic is a criminal offence.  Just when is Magnificent Modi going to realiae that these people are not the same protestors that have joined actual peaceful Black Lives Matter protests, but criminals.


Now you might be thinking why I have taken such umbrage with the Magnificent Modi.  The reason is, Modi is nothing more than scum-ridden charlatan seeking to boost his journalism career just when sports is being damaged by a deadly pandemic.  The reason I say this is because Modi has decided to portray himself as a ‘Justice Journalist’ on the 6th anniversary of the death of Mike Brown.  As Tweeted by Magnificent Modi himself, if Modi is such a great and righteous Justice Journalist, why did it take him 6 years to tweet about Michael Brown?

Chuck Modi is nothing more than a sports journalist fraud and a charlatan, seeking to boost his journalism career in the middle of a pandemic by turning his attention to social justice issues.

Fuck off Modi.  We all know you are fake.