I Warned You Barstool Sports

So this is worth making an issue out of because it’s helping to turn an entire generation of young women into worthless honey trap hoes.

So I politely asked Barstool Sports to take down its coverage of the Cardi Vomit and Megan Rhino Ass song, WAP.  Which it claimed was ‘boner fuel‘.  The reason is that its a terrible example to set to young women, if women want to behave like that then there’s a time and a place…its called a strip club.  You pay to get in, it’s licensed and ‘controlled’.

But Cardi Vomit’s rank ass video is free for millions of young women to watch.  Now Apple Music has held a WAP roundtable in which a young woman (at least I think she does) claim that being a hoe is a good thing because self-respect is not important and entrapping men into paying child support should be a challenge for young women to aspire to achieve.

I warned you Barstool, you don’t want to be involved in any Cardi Vomit action.