#ComicsGate Is Weirder Than Ever

So, if your not familiar with #ComicsGate its an argument between comic book traditionalists and ‘new wave’ weirdos who feel the need to tell you their sexuality in their Twitter bio.  Whether it is because they are incredibly boring or needy, either way it’s just weird.


The comic book traditionalists want their comic books to remain the same format as they have been for years, avoiding gender politics or ‘intersectionality’ as it come to be referred to as.  Yet, the new wave of comic book writers want to turn superheroes into political activists for minorities.  And if your not with them, you’re against them.  Where have we seen that before? (Black Lives Matter)

But now #ComicsGate has been turned into a method for failing companies to ridicule comic book buyers.  Sounds weird right?

Just as comic book shops close in record numbers (even before the pandemic) and DC Comics continue to make job losses, the company which owns the rights to Wonder Woman release this vomit of a comic book cover.


Now, I’m not against the cover itself.  I’m more against the hypocrisy of DC as they would never employ an actress of this build to play the role of Wonder Woman in the movies.  The entire cover is just a ploy to antagonise people.  The very same people who have been supporting Wonder Woman for decades and not just since the character hit the big screen.

Remember the dopes at Deadspin who resigned when they refused to write about sport.  Major comic book companies are actively encouraging their writers to turn superheroes into superflounces, as comic book sales plummet.  Commercial suicide right?

But when the radical left really gets going there is no stopping them.  Even if it means destroying a company like DC Comics.

Now you might be thinking how the comic book traditionalists are getting their fix of superhero mania? Well it turns out they are producing and selling their own comic books via crowdfunding.  Whilst major publishers are burning down, independent comic book creators like Ethan Van Sciver have sold millions of dollars worth of ‘traditional’ comic books over the last few years.

This comic book has sold $1.05 million of copies alone.

comicThe Internet has changed the comic industry irrevocably with douche bag radicals handing power over to people who value the origins of comic books.