Deadspin Reporters Are Nothing More Than Disgraceful Simps

So Deadspin have written a glowing review of Colin Kaepernick who has ‘donated’ 4,500 ‘Impossible Patties’ through his Know Your Rights Camp organization.

While Washington Burns, Colin Kaepernick Steps Up to Fight Hunger

Yet despite the dipshits at Deadspin trying to portray Kaepernick as donating the money to fund the food that is false.  Kaepernick was widely reported as donating $100,000 in April.  But this donation is funded by his charitable organization.

“But Kaepernick’s philanthropy, too, is another example of an NFL player using his platform to serve the vulnerable, especially in a time of desperate need.”

Why Deadspin are trying to portray the donation being funded by Kaepernick only goes to show just how terrible Deadspin are at reporting any form of news relating to sport.

But when you at look the real problem of food hunger across America the problem stems from the companies like Nike and Disney who are paying Kaepernick millions of dollars.


As of 2017, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists estimated that Nike has generated $12.2 billion in foreign earnings are held offshore, avoiding tax.

After more than a decade of aggressive profit-shifting, by May 2017, Nike’s financial statements showed it had amassed $12.2 billion in foreign earnings, parked offshore. Much of this income had been shifted out of Europe before it could be taxed

The AFL-CIO, a federation of 56 unions that represent 12.5 million workers estimate that Nike has avoided paying $4 billion in U.S. taxes.  Surely that would buy more food for people going hungry than Kaepernick’s charity could ever wish to hope.  But as the fuckturds at Deadspin are to busy trying to be cool and radical they fail to ask basic questions of why America doesn’t have the money to avoid food poverty.

But bare in mind this $4 billion in tax avoidance only covers Nike.  Disney, who have also signed Kaepernick up to a multi-million dollar contract, are accused of supporting a $350 million tax avoidance scheme targeted at high income actors and sports professionals.  A lawsuit against the scheme could total $1.5 billion.

Instead of falsely attributing charitable donations to Kaepernick, maybe Deadspin should do a little bit of digging into why food poverty really exists in America and Kaepernick’s link to the root cause to the problem.