Donald Trump Can Have His Shower Head

So America wants to increase the capacity of a shower head, following complaints from President Donald Trump about his hair routine.

Considering Donald Trump has annihilated ISIS and improved relations with North Korea so they are no longer threatening to fire nuclear weapons at Japan and the west coast of America, I think its only fair that Trump can have a trade off.

America is also the home of global medical innovation. If you step into any hospital in the world you will see vast quantities of the medical equipment and procedures are developed in America. Quite frankly, America saves the lives of millions of people around the world.

The media doesn’t want people to prioritise what is truly important. They just want to continue getting as much traffic as possible in order to survive. The Sun newspaper lost over $75 million last year alone.

That’s right, a single newspaper lost $75 million in one year!

The Internet and the availability of free news has decimated the news industry. Would you trust any industry on its knees and losing vast sums of money?

The issue isn’t we agree or disagree with Trump. The issue can we trust the media to present the current news climate to us accurately?

Remember, bad news sells. Is the news industry going to remind people on a daily basis of all the good things America does for the world or try to turn shower heads in to a global disaster?

Who is playing your tune, a failing industry or a someone with a sense of balance in what is and isn’t important?

I don’t agree with everything Trump does, like mocking Joe Biden for his dementia I believe is offensive to everyone who suffers from a serious health condition. But the idea that increasing the capacity of a shower head is important is just ridiculous.