Let Me Tell You A Story

Have you heard if the Kray Twins? They were a pair of violent mobsters in the East End of London in the 60s and 70s. A crazy time when gangs were robbing banks and killing one another mercilessly. Yet as the gangsters started to release their biographies in recent years there was a common thread running through each story of why so many young boys of East London grew up to become violent gangsters…

The bombing blitz of World War 2.

Growing up during the bomb blitz of World War 2 left an indelible mark on many young boys. Seeing body parts strewn across the streets they once played on. Spending day and night in the London Underground hoping to avoid the falling bombs.

It’s almost understandable that at least some young children living through that period turned out to be damaged souls and whilst no one can compare the brutality of the London blitz with a global pandemic the lockdown and social distancing triggered by the spread of coronavirus is unquestionably one of those experiences that there is no guide book or instruction manual for people to follow. Leaving people with a complete lack of control over their own lives. If you don’t bunker down you could catch a deadly virus or pass it on to someone you know. 

Stress and depression are common side effects when we lack control of our lies so it’s no surprise that people are beginning to feel the burn of mental health problems. Indeed, various doctors said it would be inevitable that there would be a surge in people reporting mental health problems with Donald Trump also highlighting that if America didn’t overcome the virus there would be mounting deaths triggered by suicides and ill health triggered by people being locked up in doors all day.

There’s only one thing can fix this… instead of the infighting amongst fans of Barstool Sports, people need to stick together.

What about the Editor of Deadspin. He is able to promote arson attacks on businesses and send a death threat to Elon Musk. How is he able to get away with it? Because everyone is fighting with one another for anyone to notice.

Not only does infighting amongst fans of Barstool Sports ignore the impact this pandemic is having peoples lives it also misses the real threat to society. People within the sports media industry telling their Twitter followers to commit arson attacks.