Cardi B Is RAP / Russell Brand Ding Dong

Boy do I feel sorry for this girls neighbors.

Anyway, Cardi is RAP. Rank Ass Pussy.

When Gucci was training its sweatshop workers they put together Cardi Vomit’s dress.

But Russell Brand was accused of mansplaining feminism by using the WAP video to analyze whether women achieve equality by replicating the values that have been established by males.

Yet if you go on to Amazon you can find many books written by men discussing and analyzing feminism. Yet, because Russel Brand is a celebrity he is called out for discussing feminism.

I agree with Brand, it really comes down to who has the power. If Cardi Vomit’s record label is run by men who are hoovering up vast sums of money from Cardi Vomit’s music then her music simply isn’t feminism. It’s a product created and owned by men to make them money from gullible women.

Either way, Cardi is RAP.