If You Could Change Your Race, What Would You Change It To?

So Kamala Harris has been accused of changing her race from Indian-American to Black-American in order to gain favor with the black community. Well certainly the media has. In 2016 the majority of the media reported that Harris was Indian-America, after her mothers race. But since the death of George Floyd the media has reported as being African-American. But if you could change your race, what you change it to?

But here’s the thing. It doesn’t what you claim your race is, its what other people consider it to be. Take Rita Ora for example.

After discovering that Rita Ora is in fact Albanian with white parents instead of black ethnicity which many people presumed some shit for brains have accused Ora of ‘blackfishing’, by getting her hair set into dreadlocks in order to win favor with black music fans. An activity often refered to as ‘cultural misapporiation’.

Yet if a black person wears a punk of Beatles style haircut its suddenly acceptable. Which means both sides are being racist, surely.

There have been studies that suggest people applying for jobs can be discrimatted against by their name. If you want to change your race, do you also have to change your name.

People on Twitter have pointed out that Kamala is a name of Indian origin and means “lotus” in Sanskrit.

So if you would like to change your name, just how far are you prepared to go?