Support Our Justin Bieber 2021 World Tour Barstool Sports Visit Campaign

The ‘relationship’ between Justin Bieber and Barstool Sports is endless. Some even say Justin Bieber made Barstool Sports what it is today.

But there has also been tension between the two. However, with Biebs 2021 World Tour landing in New York on July 13/14. It provides an excellent opportunity for Biebs to visit the Barstool head office and bury the hatchet.

Everyone at Barstool loves Bieber and Dave even made a video announcing his love for the young Canadian.

To which there is no record of Bieber replying. But Biebs did DM Ria live on air after Ria claimed that she didn’t like his latest album.

Scooter Braun, Biebers manager, also stuck his nose into Dave’s business when he tried to act as go between in the negotiations between Barstool and FORMER HBO sports executive named Peter Nelson, aka ‘Suitman,’ was shopping the podcast to other networks, even though Barstool owned all the intellectual property.

To which Dave responded…

But after a discussion between Dave and Braun, Braun bailed out of the Call Her Daddy drama. But Dave did break his promise…

To support our campaign to get Beebs to visit the Barstool Sports head office during his 2021 World Tour simply email your request to: and hopefully we can make shit happen between Beebs and Barstool!

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