Messi And Ozil Swap Provides Ass Coverage

Reports are that Messi is desperate to leave Barcelona. Following the president of the club allegedly hiring an online PR company to spread malicious gossip surrounding Messi and the team being battered 8-2 by Bayern Munich its certainly not a great time for the Argentine wonder.

Now 33, Messi is past his prime but can still have a massive effect on the game as a deeper lying midfield playmaker with pacey strikers ahead of him…perfect for Arsenal.

Whilst Barcelona are flailing, Arsenal have been under somewhat of a resurgence under manager Mikel Arteta. This years FA Cup victory was a sign of what may come with fans feeling more positive. But Arsenal are a club that could collapse at any time. But what better way for Arteta to blame a downturn on but one of the best players of all time.

The one problem with Arsenal is Mesut Ozil who is refusing to play, despite being on £330,000 a week!

Whilst Messi is 33, Ozil is 31 making them a similar age. However, the key difference is Messi is on a reported £600,000 a week. Yet when Ronaldo signed for Juventus the club sold £70 million of merchandise in the first week, their share price almost doubled and their shirt sponsorship increased by £20 million a season. Arsenal ‘s stadium has also been notoriously lacking fans during their slump.

Arsenal signing Messi would provide a massive revenue boost which more than cover the £270,000 difference in salary between Ozil and Messi. Ozil is also dispised in China after he spoke out against the communist regimes treatment of Uighur Muslims. Potentially damaging Arsenal’s commercial opportunities in the country.

With Messi signing for Arsenal some fans may even think they will go on to win the league. Giving Arteta someone to blame if it all goes to shit. Genius.