Truly Fucked Up WWE Kidnap Attempt

Yeah, this is as fucked up as it gets. A South Carolina man (Phillip A. Thomas II, 24) who stalked WWE star Sonya Deville for years and spent eight months planning to kidnap her was arrested Sunday after breaking into her home near Tampa, sheriff’s officials said.

Thomas, who works at an Appleby’s is accused of travelling 500 miles to commit the kidnapping.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office said in a news release.

According to investigators, Thomas parked his car at a nearby church, walked to the home and cut a hole in a screen to enter the home’s patio, where he stayed for three to four hours watching and listening through the windows.

Thomas went inside the home through a sliding glass door at 2:43 a.m., after the homeowner had gone to bed, the release said. The alarm activated.

Sheriff’s officials said the homeowner looked out a window and saw Thomas before she left with a guest in a car. She also called 911. Thomas was still at the home when deputies arrived.

He had a knife, plastic zip ties, duct tape, mace and other items, and told deputies he was planning to take the homeowner hostage, the sheriff’s office said.

Deville (real name Daria Berenato) has tweeted her thanks for the support she received and gratitude towards the police who came to her aid.