The Barstool Sports Cryptocurrency Direction

Cryptocurrency will become a major force within Barstool Sports. Enabling the company to expand not only into global eSports but also branding its business at the forefront of emerging Internet culture. Blockchain technology, which provides the platform for cryptocurrency to operate on is being used to create Fantasy sports leagues. Barstool Sports will create an app which enables gamers to form their own eSports teams within a Hooliganz league. Enabling eSports fans from around the world to use the cryptocoin to gamble, order Zillion beer and order a pizza via the One Byte app.

Barstool Sports will sell 3,000,000 of its cryptocurrency into a straight $1 conversion for each token. The maximum coins anyone can purchase is 1,000. With each cryptocoin entering into a raffle to win either a solid bar of gold…

or a Tesla Cybertruck…

So if someone buys one Barstool cryptocoin they have a 1 in 3,000,000 chance of winning the prize. But if they purchase the maximum

Launching a cryptocurrency will provide a powerful marketing opportunity. Cryptocurrency trading platforms are using sport as their marketing platform as multiple social networks have banned cryptocurrency adverts because of the plethora of scams associated with Bitcoin.

However, the emergence of ctyptocurrency within the sports industry provides Barstool Sports with significant opportunities. Not only to increase revenue, but to provide a fun and innovative way for fans to interact with the Barstool platform.

As for the winner, it could be you!