People Want To Know Who Brandon Walker’s Wife Is And It’s Really Creepy

Brandon Walker, or the King of New York or Gambling God as he should be referred to as, is famous…in his home state of Mississippi.

The Google Trends search results show that the search term ‘Brandon Walker’ is by far most popular in Mississippi, which makes sense considering its Walkers home state.

But what doesn’t make sense is why people want to know who Brandon Walker’s wife is. And it’s really creepy. If you type ‘Brandon Walker’ into Google the auto-search results suggests ‘brandon walker barstool wife‘.

Why, why the hell does someone want to know who Brandon Walker’s wife is to the point where they will type in ‘Brandon Walker Barstool Wife’ in to Google?

Maybe it’s because they want to know who is caring for #BabyBrandon

But there is no Baby Brandon. Not even former MLB player Paul Lo Duca can take on Brandon. A fly in the ointment.

It’s not easy being the King of New York / The God of Gambling but someone has to do it.