SCAM WARNING: Dave Portnoy/Barstool Sports Cryptocurrency Scam Warning

Okay, so head of $DDTG, Dave Portnoy has jumped into the realms of cryptocurrency by investing in Bitcoin. He also met with the Winklevoss Twins where Dave started the ball rolling on launching his own cryptocurrency, The DaveCoin.

However, scammers have already set a fake DaveCoin currency in attempt to cash in on Dave’s plans.

Yet it was actually us who suggested that Dave and Barstool Sports should launch a cryptocurrency:

The Barstool Sports Cryptocurrency Direction

Where’s My Billions Of Barstool Bits, Dave?

Elche CF, The Template For The Future Of Barstool Sports Digital Business

Welcome To The $BarstoolBit (Maybe)

What no one could have anticipated was how quickly the scammers would have moved. Already set up a fake cryptocurrency using the branding and promoting it on Twitter.

Obviously, this is bad news but there is nothing stopping Dave and Barstool Sports from setting up a digital currency locked within the Barstool Sports platform. Making it much safer but also allows fans to interact with Barstool in a unique currency!