Cardi B Is A Socialist Who Has Done To Much Drugs

Cardi Vomit has partnered with Cash App to give away $1 million. Which is being given away in batches of $500 at a time under the hashtag #wapparty

Okay. Whatever.

But here’s the thing…Cardi Vomit is asking “powerful women” to tell her why they need money. No one who is “powerful” begs on Twitter for money. You really can”t make this shit up.

Many of the women replying are single mothers telling tails of how they need money for their children. This is the culture Cardi Vomit is creating for women. They turn in to sluts and end up having children with men who don’t look after their own children. Leaving the mother to beg for money from a rapper making music about how good it is to be a hoe.

I could post the Tweets here from the single mums but that won’t help anyone. What would help single mums is the businesses Cardi Vomit interacts with including concert venues and marketing companies providing living wages to their staff. Not this bullshit of handing money to women begging on Twitter.

Cardi Vomit will do anything for publicity including telling some women why they Dry Ass Pussy.

If it looks like trash, talks like trash, acts like trash. Guess what, it’s trash.