Jacob Blake Only Has Himself To Blame For Being Shot. Fuck Off Comrade James.

If you watch the video you see a Blake storming away from armed police. Climb into his car as a pursusing police officer pulls Blake back. Blake pushes against his own shirt to the point where the shirt is torn. The police have absolutely no idea whether Blake has a gun concealed in his car.

Quite simply, if Blake did as he was told by the police he wouldn’t have been shot. Yes, he may have been wrongfully arrested which is inexcusable.

But there is absolutely not evidence whatsoever that the shooting of Blake was racially motivated.

But LeBron James is a ‘King’ and therefore, he is in a position to pass judgement. Guilty until proven to be black.

LeBron James is a shallow prick who carries books around he has never read and claims that any black man shot by the police is shot by racist police. Instead of someone rushing away from the police and forcing his way into a car where a gun may be concealed.

LeBron, before accusing people of being racist maybe you should have some proof instead of just the color of peoples skin. Because that is not how racism works.

Fuck off comrade James.

In other news, Deadspin announce their latest reporter, Nate Monroe.