Morgan Gibbs-White Gets His Lockdown Fail Comeuppance?

Premier League Wolverhampton Wanderers midfielder Morgan Gibbs-White is considered one of England’s brightest soccer talents and was set to set the Premier League alight last season. Yet Gibbs-White has been shipped out on loan to Championship side Swansea as possible repercussions for failing to commit to his career and breaking coronavirus lockdown way back in May by attending a London party.

Swansea is probably as far away from London as any club can get, indicating that Wolves want have lost faith in his talent to break into the first and time and far away enough from the capital of England to avoid attending plenty of party’s in the future.

Gibbs-White has already been fined two weeks wages (£60,000).

Gibbs-White has also been accused of being distracted from his career by model Britney De Villiers.

A strong footballing talent could be going to waste because of his lack of focus.

In other news…Batman, the My Chemical Romance years…

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