Sickening Jerseys To Blight Premier League 20/21 Season

Players look to good right? But for the 20/21 some Premier League players will instead look like complete idiots.

This ridiculous specimen is the Manchester City ‘Third’ kit. Considering City are aiming to take back their title from Liverpool this shirt surely won’t do them any favors. There was a time when players we supposed to look tough and imposing. Now they look like quirky cushions.

The Home kit isn’t actually that much better with these silly white lines running through it. It makes you wonder whether English soccer shirts are being designed for the Chinese market. With 1.3 billion people in China it makes sense to attract fans throughout the country.

This pile of shit is Wolverhampton Wanderers Third kit. Whether its meant to play mind games with the opponent by making the Wolves players look like a bunch of wet bell ends.

Some models must have turned this gig down.

This final monstrosity is Arsenals away kit. Yes, the Arsenal players will be forced to wear this layer of crap quote often throughout the season.

Whether domestic fans buy these shirts remains to be seen or whether they will become must have items through China. Either way, the next Premier League seasons is already marked as a disaster.

In other news, Morgan Gibbs-White is throwing his career away for an IG model…

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