Joshua DM Is Not A Barstool Guy

There are many things that appeal to me about Barstool Sports. One of the most important aspects is that it is democratic. Basically, people can see what they want and conversation is encouraged. Sadly, Joshua on the other hand believes other wise.

He doesn’t believe in freedom of speech or how people can have their own opinions. After all is seems to be one of the founding principals of Barstool Sports and preferably its funny and seen by most people as banter. But for Joshua it’s either his opinion or nothing, so for that reason Joshua is not a ‘Barstool Guy’.

But let me be clear I’m calling for him to be fired. I’m just stating my opinion. But why do I have this opinion might you ask?

Well a quick look at Joshua’s Twitter feed clearly shows that, sadly like many people at the moment, he has lost his head and doing everything possible to attack people and shut down conversation:

“There’s nothing to debate. You either support the BLM movement or you’re against it – bottom line…If you don’t understand it then don’t speak on it”

There we are, a Barstool Sports shutting down freedom of speech. Going against democracy.

Going against what makes Barstool Sports great and turning it into Deadspin.

I’m afraid Joshua would be better served at Deadpsin than Barstool Sports.

Even people at Barstool who hate each others guts at least seem to let others speak and share their views. But because Joshua has lost his head and gone all tyrannical fans of Barstool Sports can no longer share their views.

It could even be suggested he is threatening fans. Not in a comical way but in a serious way. Definitely not a Barstool Guy, I hope not at least.