Sean McVay Does Not Like Artificial Crowd Noise In $6 Billion Stadium

Rams coach Sean McVay is not digging artificial crowd noise within the SoFi Stadium. The total cost of the stadium is estimated as much as $6bn.

Just like soccer, pumped in crowd noise will become the norm in the NFL with teams either limiting or completely banning fans in stadiums.

“That’s not how crowds are. They don’t just consistently sustain that noise,” said McVay

The purpose of artificial crowd noise is to give atmosphere to the game to both the athletes and people watching at home, but it appears McVay isn’t at fan of a constant noise.

“I think part of the reason is why they want to have some of that noise, if you will, is to eliminate the ability to hear all that type of stuff,”

“Obviously, kind of what we’ve seen in some of those NBA games, I would envision that they will filter in some noise so that it feels like when you’re watching it, what a normal game would feel (like). I think they’ve done a great job in those NBA broadcasts I’ve watched of doing that. I would imagine that’s in alignment with what the NFL’s thinking.”

You’d have thought for $6 billion the stadium could work out some realistic artificial crowd noise. Some sort of AI that pumps out an appropriate crowd noise the second a play happens. Something to keep McVay happy in the middle of a pandemic.

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