LeBron James Uses His Black NBA Privilege For His Son To Join FaZe Clan?

15-year-old Bronny James, son of LeBron James, has signed for eSports giant FaZe Clan. Yet there are accusations that Bronny has only signed for FaZe Clan because of his fathers role as an NBA megastar. Instead of Bronny’s skills as an eSports player.

Many social activists complain about white privilege and its role in providing white people with unfair advantages over other people. People who are better qualified.

So has Bronny James taken a role at FaZe Clan ahead of a better eSports player? If so, Bronny’s appointment is a symbol of privilege brought to him to by his father’s role as an NBA megastar. Hypocrisy doesn’t readdress imbalances. It just makes them more complex to resolve.

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