Can The NFL Save America?

The pressure is on the NFL. Not just to maintain the health of its players during a deadly pandemic but to also save the soul of America. It goes without saying America is going through a time right now. Whichever side of the political spectrum you support the country hasn’t seen such tumultuous days since the days of the Vietnam war and the supposed 1967 ‘Summer of Love’. Now we have the 2020 ‘Summer of Coronavirus’ and sadly. some people are losing their minds.

But perhaps the NFL can be the glue that can bring it all back together again.

Live Sunday football returns September 13th, but on Friday 11th the NFL offers the people of America the opportunity to find a distraction from the looting, riots and even murder. Sure, if people want to protest it should be encouraged, but America has find a better way to express itself than destroying its society. After all, this is exactly want china wants.

People losing their heads clearly isn’t the answer and Gronkowski has gone insane…”wow” indeed.

The first game of what we all hope will be a triumphant season will see the Houston Texans face off against current Super Bowl Champions, the Kansas City Chiefs. Thankfully, both cities have seen little trouble in terms of violent protests and hopefully that sentiment can spread across the country as the NFL continues to power forwards.

Barstool will be pumping with the arrival of Deion Sanders and as a country everyone needs to focus on the positives.

Whether America needs saving isn’t open for debate. The man accused of killing a pastor was previously arrested for carrying a loaded gun but released without charge.

Hopefully the rabid animals roaming the streets with guns to kill fellow Americans with can find distraction with the return of football. Thankfully, some fans will be returning to stadiums to watch football.

Hopefully, there is something out there that can stop this from happening on a regular basis.