Did I Rip Trysta Krick To Hard Yesterday?

So yesterday Trysta Krick caused a mega-stir by publishing a blog post which claimed that the NBA is racist and that supporters of Black Lives Matter should be appeased by appointing a black coach instead of Steve Nash as coach of the Brooklyn Nets. Both points are plainly ridiculous to which Big Cat and Brandon to her to task on.

But I still felt compelled to give Trysta the other side of the argument. One that was at least supported by research, facts and data. I have posted my Tweets in plain text to make it easier to follow but you can find my Tweets om Twitter here.

Nash is white but openly supports BLM on Twitter. Hence why Kyrie wanted him. Also would a black coach go down well in China. Who is China blaming for coronavirus? Black people. You gotta read between the lines in this new world.

Trysta is incredibly naïve and hasn’t raised any other reasons why Nash may have been given the job. The article is complete one-sided and one-dimensional.

Or does Trysta just have Trump Derangement Syndrome? Deadspin are blaming Trump for college sport being cancelled when Holland cancelled its entire soccer league. Trysta’s article along with Deadspin is just cheap trash. Let’s be honest.

There are to many people in the media industry who are attacking and undermining democratic societies without any concrete justification. To many journalists are saying the sky is blue when in fact the color of the sky is an illusion caused by light from the sun passing through various gases in the atmosphere.

Trysta makes her money publishing content on the Internet. The most open and democratic communication method in the world and then brings up the subject of white privilege. Whatever next.

This one always gets. The Internet was invented by white people. If they said only white people can use the Internet then that would be a serious problem. But instead, the Internet is actually supposed to do the opposite. The purpose of the Internet is for every race, creed and color to share and access information. White people have done more to bring different races together than any other race.

The article says “our Canadian ally” Who is “our”? Are they the people who are glorifying a man who went shopping with counterfeit money and are against people who don’t support police brutality? Trysta can’t swim in the deep end.

This is the fallacy many liberals fall for. They speak on behalf of other people as if they are self-appointed to speak on behalf of other people. That is not democracy, that is communism.

Trysta is writing about a sport where 24 of the 27 highest-paid athletes are black and then raises the subject of white privilege. Astonishing.

Trysta’s article lacks any form of factual information to support her argument. It is purely speculative nonsense. As Big Cat pointed out, some of the black coaches in her list have been pointed as coaches without any experience or when they were appointed coaches failed to deliver.

Trysta is writing about the NBA where all nine members of the players association leadership team are black and then she raises the subject of white privilege. Unfortunately, we are definitely into Deadspin territory.

The NBA is clearly not a racist organization. However, there have been accusations that there are to many white referees in the NBA but it is clear that an article based on this subject by Trysta would not deliver the required level of clickbait.

6 of the 30 NBA teams have black coaches which is 20%. 13.4% of American’s are black. Which means that a black man has more chance of being an NBA coach than a white man. Hopefully, it will only be Deadspin that continues to publish factless and unfounded trash.

To suggest that the recruitment of NBA coaches is racist is false. It accurately represents the racial breakdown of America. Something which should be celebrated.

The Athletic has published a similar article to Trysta. A few weeks ago they made a video claiming only black athletes donate money to charity. They have also partnered with Bloomberg who’s founder defended a communist dictator who has enslaved an estimated 1 million Muslims.

The left has been tipped over a slippery slope to the point where they now make excuses for communism and spew false assertions.

This is purely constructive criticism..Barstool Sports should spend more time discussing the Invictus Games. The worlds biggest charity sports event which was started by a white man than discussing white privilege. Please no more cheap Deadspin clickbait.

Hopefully something can come from this. A recognition of the positive factors in life.

Was Trysta in Rochester last night attacking that resturant…only joking!!

I’m sure Trysta is trying to do the ‘right thing’. But to portray a sport as racist when it clearly isn’t doesn’t help anyboby.

Was I to harsh on Trysta?