Deadspin Amaze Me Over Steve Nash Appointment

This is surreal. Whilst Trysta Krick jumped to the conclusion without any research or facts that the appointment of Steve Nash as Brooklyn Nets coach was down to ‘white privilege’, Deadspin has done the complete opposite.

The Steve Nash Hire Isn’t About White Privilege

Credit where credit is due, Carron J. Phillips has actually used grounded information and logic to argue why the appointment was based on the right reasons.

What amazes me most is that it’s actually a BLACK Deadspin reporter who hasn’t shrieked and shrilled about racism and actually looked at the facts. But some of Carron’s white colleagues will use their ‘white guilt’ to publish articles contradicting Carron. Who knows what Deadspin are capable of.

Of course, the Don himself, Charles Barkley, also made it clear that anyone who believes that Nash’s appointment based on white privilege are “full of crap”.

If you apply what Barkley said about people on TV to what Trysta said on Barstool Sports then unfortunately it means Trysta is “full of crap”.

But once again, credit to Deadspin where it is due. Amazing.

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