Barstool Sports Recruiting From AFTV Is A Terrible Mistake

I’m sorry but recruiting someone from AFTV is a terrible mistake.

AFTV is hugely popular but for all the wrong reasons.

– They interviewed and promoted a book published by Cass Pennant.  He ran a West Ham hooligan unit in 1982 who stabbed and killed an Arsenal fan.  The founder of AFTV, Robbie Lyle posed for photos with Cass Pennant.
– AFTV very rarely allow white people on their show.  They are seen as racist towards white football fans and there most popular content was based on interviewing black Arsenal fans outside the stadium.
– Many Arsenal fans despise AFTV because they are always negative about their own team and graffiti appeared outside Arsenal stadium demanding that AFTV are not allowed in the stadium of the team they support. AFTV attended an away match (think it was Everton) where other Arsenal football fans attacked them and AFTV had to have a police escort.
– AFTV uploaded a video to YouTube of Arsenal fans storming an underground train in Paris.  Swearing and behaving like hooligans.  Upsetting women on the train.
– A few months ago a member of AFTV said a racist term about a South Korean Tottenham player, Arsenals arch-rivals.  When the story broke, Robbie Lyle who founded AFTV and who Troopz thanks in his video announcing he is joining Barstool tried to make excuses for the racist joke towards an Asian person.

AFTV are seen as Arsenal fans who if they were alive during the 1970s and 80s would have been street hooligans. People modern football is trying to remove from the sport. AFTV does not represent modern football.

The recruitment of someone from AFTV to report on and represent modern football is a terrible mistake.  In his video he thanks someone who helped to promote a book written by someone who played a key role in the murder of a football fan.  I also wouldn’t be surprised if 98% of his followers are Arsenal fans. I can assure you very few football fans will want to listen to someone who is a die-hard Arsenal fan and appears to have very limited knowledge of football outside of Arsenal.

If you want to make soccer content employ StuntPegg. She is funny, very popular, makes quality neutral football content based on football in England and around Europe and doesn’t associate herself with people who promote racism and hooliganism.

Troopz second most popular video is him interviewing an Arsenal player.  StuntPegg has more popular videos with just her on her own.  She will appeal to more people outside of one single football club than Troopz will ever hope to. She also raised money for charity following the bombing of the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester by visiting 40 other football stadiums.  This is something Troopz would not consider doing because his entire life is wrapped around one football club.

Unfortunately, not good.

Furthermore, new Barstool Sports recruit claiming a soccer player wasn’t booked for dissent because he is white. Absolutely no foundation to claim referees make decisions based on race.