Thank You Joey For Nailing Star Wars

There are quite simply to many simps, shills and little bitches in the MSM, mainstream media. Especially when it comes to discussions on the new Star Wars trilogy. Hoping to one day meet Mark Hamill. But not our Joey…Joey laid it down as it is:

Daisy Ridley Confirms Disney Had No Fucking Clue What To Do With The Sequels

We all know Disney would fuck up Star Wars but many people in the media still deny even to this day.

But now Daisy Ridley has actually spoken the truth and made it clear, as Joey pointed out Kathleen Kennedy is fucking clueless.

But why was the trilogy so bad? Including the other pile of shit, Solo: A Woke Star Wars Story

Because Kathleen Kennedy was to busy pushing her woke social justice agenda instead of focussing on making a coherent Star Wars trilogy.

The force was something, now its dead.

Thanks Disney, thanks Kathleen Kennedy.

But now we’ve got Joey to say it out how it is.