Who Will Help Me Save American Lives Using Sport?

The plan is simple. Tesla founder Elon Musk v. Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy in an axe throwing competition…for CHARITY.

The relationship between Musk and Portnoy is complicated. First, Musk suggested Portnoy should run for office over his views on allowing coronavirus to ruin America’s economy.

But then money got in the way. Portnoy lost someone money when Musk said Tesla share price is to high.

So its best for everybody that we bury the hatchet – pun intended – and raise money for CHARITY in the process. Let’s make this happen.

What I need from you is to badger, harangue or basically do anything to get Musk and Portnoy to meet and trash it out over an axe throwing competition.

I’m hoping the World Axe Throwing League and the International Axe Throwing Federation support the idea. This is something for everyone and more importantly an important CHARITY.

If enough people demand it, how could they let us down? Support me.

In other news, OneSpoon.