It’s Time For Brandon Walker To Earn His Bacon

I’m not looking for excuses that Brandon Walker isn’t a soccer guy. There’s simply to much at stake here. If Brandon can select the winners from each of the four fully professional English soccer league that kicks off this weekend you could win upwards of $6,000 from $10!

I’m going for:

Premier League: Manchester City

English Championship: Watford

(The English Championship is notoriously difficult to predict because you get clubs relegated from the Premier League who still have a lot of money along with ‘sleeping giants’ who are still able to recruit quality players)

English League 1: Sunderland

English League 2: Bolton Wanderers

$10 into $6,040. But I want Brandon ‘Sports Gambling Genius’ Walkers opinion. Who is going to win each of the four leagues and turn $10 in to a lovely bundle of six thousands dollars?