Let’s Be Honest, What Did People Expect?

People seem shocked that fans of Kansas City Chiefs booed the players of the Chiefs an Houston Texans standing to show support for Black Lives Matter. But people of a civilised society don’t want their institutions to show support to drug dealers, career criminals or rapists.

No one supports police brutality but the lack of balanced and objective coverage of the state of race relations in America is only going to antagonize people.

The world is told that Breonna Taylor was an EMT. That is false, she was forced out of her job because she rented a car that was involved in a homicide. Her employee record is ticked as ‘Do Not Rehire’. She bailed out a drug dealer on two separate occasions as she was speaking to the drug dealer on the phone whilst he was held in prison she admitted to playing a key role in assisting a drug dealing gang.

George Floyd had been to prison five times, including for holding a pregnant woman hostage with a gun and on the day he died he was shopping with counterfeit money and off his face on Fentanyl. Regardless of how died we cannot martyr unrepentant career criminals.

Jacob Blake is accused of raping a 14-year-old girl at gun point and on the day of being shot he went to someone’s home who had a restraining against him armed with a knife. Kamala Harris went to visit Blake in hospital, would Harris visit Blake in hospital if he was still able to run after her and rape her?

Did anyone think politicians would be glorifying a violent child rapist in a bid to win votes?

Then we are brought on to the subject of a Presidential candidate failing to denounce the violence that is plaguing America from Black Lives Matter supporters. Is it somehow acceptable for anyone to destroy America when the police are going in to arrest armed drug dealers, people smashed off their face on drugs or people wielding knives?

Chicago is in the grips of a gun crime epidemic with young children being murdered because they are black by black drug dealers. Africa has six million slaves right now. But America is supposed to be more concerned about Colin Kaepernick who lives in a mansion.

It seems ridiculous that people should be compelled to be more concerned about a millionaire athlete than dead children. But when mega-corporations like Disney and media outlets like Deadspin can make money from it then that is the narrative the media will follow. Disney spend many millions of dollars on advertising in the media. The parents of dead children don’t spend a penny.

If you ask Bubba Wallace he’ll tell you he was lynched by two white MAGA supporters. Not the two Nigerian brothers who he paid to attack him. Or Bubba Wallace will tell you a noose was left in his garage, even though it was a pully on a garage door that had been there at least nine months previously.

The people who peddle these stories without bothering to check the facts are the same people who claim white people are racist. Yet all along white people have created mass-transportation, mass-healthcare, mass-education and mass-communication to bring every single race closer together. Yet white people are still considered the problem.

Zimbabwe drove out white farmers from the country which triggered a terrible famine and now South Africa is following suit. But Disney can’t make money from that story so the media only gives it piece meal coverage.

No one is saying the world is perfect…just look at the rapists and drug dealers being turned into martyrs.

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