The World Needs To Know, Would Coach Duggs Make It As A Soccer Coach?

The sacking season has begun and its only a matter of time and until the first Premier League manager of 20/21 is given the chop. The odds currently are surprisingly on hot head Jose Mourinho to fail first. Already some are speculating that he will go down in yet another blaze of glory as his attempts to sign a striker fails and he starts to blame club Tottenham Chairman, Daniel Levy for the poor results. Failing to return Spurs to the promise land of trophies.

But there is only one man with the grit and determination who could finally return Tottenham to its glory days. A man known for his infectious sense of humor.

His ability to inspire sports professionals like no one else.

His ability to face fear head on and eat it up.

Coach Duggs could just be the leader, the visionary that Tottenham needs to return the club to its true glory days.

Could Coach Duggs make in the world of soccer? Of course he can.

Coach Duggs is sport.