Airline Uses Young Blonde Air Stewardesses To Lure NFL Teams

United Airlines is being sued by two of their older and more experienced air stewardesses, claiming that United would only allow young, blonde airstewardess to work the chartered flights.

The routes are better paid than regular ‘normie’ routes and can also include bonuses including free NFL ticket and upmarket hotels during the stay over. Along with Superbowl tickets. The preferential treatment of blonde air stewardesses appears to be used by United to keep the NFL players happy and keep a lid from horny QBs.

The lawsuit claimed that United Airlines has contracts to provide air travel for some three dozen teams in the National Football League, Major League Baseball and National Collegiate Athletic Association

Blondes only.

One of the air stewardesses is black whilst the other is Jewish with black hair. The women claimed:

“has adopted and continues to implement procedures that are designed to ensure that young, white, blond/blue-eyed, female employees receive positions with the charter program, while more senior, and Black and Jewish employees such as plaintiffs, do not,”

In other news, Let’s Be Honest, What Did People Expect?