NFL And NBA Will Probably Support Knife Wielding Maniac and Stabber Ricardo Munoz

Black Lives Matter supporters rioted last night in Lancaster, PA after a black man (Ricardo Munoz) charged at police brandishing a knife above his head.

Bodycam footage clearly shows Munoz charging out the door of a home, knife in hand, in pursuit of a police officer who is forced to draw his firearm and fire at the suspect. Killing the knife wielding maniac and protecting innocent victims.

In 2019, Lancaster Police was allegedly arrested Munoz after he had stabbed four people. Officers found Munoz holding a knife to his own throat and police instructed him to drop the knife. After trying to escape, police managed to take him Munoz down with a taser. Munoz’s history of criminality also includes stalking, harassment, and criminal trespass.

But seeing as Black Lives Matter now control sport using spurious facts and demand that sport supports other career criminals including George Floyd and Jacob Blake. The NFL and NBA will no doubt support this fucking asshole also.

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