Should Barstool Sports Try Mornin’ Sunshine With Breakfast Cereal Reviews?…Yes

So it looks like Mornin’ Sunshine has been cancelled. But did they review breakfast cereals? No. And with all due respect to Brandon and Kate (who I both like, including Kate’s thirst trap) they didn’t do what most people every morning. Eat breakfast cereal and think to themselves “there must be a better cereal that this but what the fuck is it”.

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I am actually convinced you could make a show just reviewing breakfast cereal. Even without fart jokes!

The breakfast cereal market is worth around $8bn as far I can tell from a quick Google. That is hot shit. Barstool could even have an app, the OneSpoon app where people review breakfast cereals.

This would take Mornin’ Sunshine from a cancelled show to kicking a multi-billion industry in the balls and stealing its money.

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