College Football Kids Suspended For Supporting Police And Fire Service On 9/11

Little Miami High School in Morrow, Ohio, has suspended two football players after they ran with “thin blue line” and “thin red line” flags across the field on Sept. 11.

The school previously told the players that were banned from carrying the flags.

Players Brady Williams and Jared Bentley carry the flags, which are express support for law enforcement and firefighters, at the start of their game last Friday on “Patriot Night”.

The children of the 9/11 generation are now no longer able to show to support to people who are prepared to run into an area of devastation to save peoples lives.

Yes the kids went against the rules after being told they couldn’t carry the flags but democracy doesn’t cower to oppression. It opens its mouth and fucks it hard and these two teenagers are heroes.

Talking of throats, the shit bags who run this school will ram Black Lives Matter down your throat because thanks to people like LeBron James and Colin Kaepernick its trendy to poke America in the eye – and because of the ultimate truth of course.

The school claimed that it organized its Patriot Night program “to memorialize the victims of 9/11.” The program “was already part of our pre-game ceremonies on Friday, and the American flag is the first thing through the tunnel every Friday night.”

Did the school ask the kids of America how they they want to memorialize the heroic police officers and fire services who died in 9/11.

The ultimate truth is these organizations have seen the violence that Kamala Harris encourages and live in fear it will come to them. The school is quite simply terrified that supporters of Black Lives Matter will come to burn down their school.

And left to their own devices, they will.

Democracy doesn’t cower to oppression and these two teenagers should be sue their school.

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