Jim Carrey Is Not Taking Phone Calls Over Joe Biden SNL Appearance Or Is He?

So Jim Carrey is going to play the role of former Vice President Joe Biden on the Saturday Night Live when the 46th season starts on Oct. 3

Of course, Joe Biden is aiming to become the next President of America, or Co-President alongside Kamala Harris if the pair are successful in the forthcoming election. But unfortunately Jim Carrey isn’t taking phone calls over the role.

Jim Carrey’s mind is a wonderful thing. Most of the time.

It’s like a human-sized white bunny rabbit drilling holes into a cardboard box filled with sand. It doesn’t always make sense but most of the time, it just works.

Could we, a fan site dedicated to Barstool Sports arrange some form of interview with Jim Carrey!? Afterall, he is a man of the people, as his agent agreed.

Let’s see!