#JoeMustShow Demand Could Take Down Joe Rogan Over Four Hour Debate Between Donald Trump And Joe Biden

Following Joe Rogan challenging Donald Trump and Joe Biden to a four hour debate, which Trump accepted and Biden has been quiet over, a number of Spotify employees are accused of trying to de-platform Joe Rogan. Using Rogan’s views towards transvestites as an attempt to take him down.

The Spotify CEO, Daniel Ek, has had to defend Rogan following questions from Spotify employees with claims that Rogan is transphobic. In particular:

“Many LGBTQAI+/ally Spotifiers feel unwelcome and alienated because of leadership’s response in JRE conversations. What is your message to those employees?”

Firstly, the term “LGBTQAI+” is just ridiculous. You can’t define people by by their sexuality using a bunch of letters. But of course, we shouldn’t have content which targets or harasses gay and transgender people but we also need to have discussions using facts and trustworthy research. Trying to get Rogan de-platformed from Spotify over his views on transgender people and how teenagers are being encouraged to change their gender against their will.

Getting woke over one element of society to target a podcaster to prevent him from requesting a debate between the incumbent President and candidate for the Presidency is equally ridiculous.

The hashtag #JoeMustShow has been used to encourage Biden to accept Rogen’s invitation. With people demanding Biden turns up to the debate there are accusations that it’s pushing Biden’s supporters at Spotify,

Whether or not Rogan is silenced over discussing transgender issues in the future relies on the number of staff who will rally together against him.

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